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Honey Bee Removal
● Safe hive removals specific to customer needs
● Aims to provide solution without killing bees
● Eco friendly methods delicately displace bees

Bee Service

While bees are a necessary part of our agricultural system, you probably don’t want them buzzing around you and your family. Bee removal can be a challenge, and knowing how to get rid of bees depends on a variety of factors.

Identifying which type of bee you are dealing with is the first step. Bees seen around a home are most often carpenter, bumble or honey bees. Many people mistake the carpenter bee for the bumble bee, as they are similar in appearance, but knowing how to get rid of carpenter bees may not be the same as how to get rid of bumble bees.

There are a variety of treatment options to remove bees, ranging from hive removal to options such as carpenter bee traps. A carpenter bee trap tricks bees into entering through a small hole in a piece of wood. The bee then falls into an empty plastic bottle. This is not an effective method for bee control, as it will not treat the source of a bee problem. You will trap some bees, but will still have the infestation to deal with. It is also generally not recommended by beekeepers, pest management professionals or entomologists, as bees are beneficial pollinators and should be relocated, rather than killed.

Other methods for bee removal include vacuuming out a hive or covering it with a plastic tarp and letting the sun heat the hive to temperatures that bees cannot survive. These methods are ineffective and can be dangerous as they will most likely just result in a lot of angry bees trying to sting you.

The best solution for bee removal is to call a beekeeper or a pest management professional. They have the necessary protective gear and are well versed in what methods work for the type of bee you have near your home.

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